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Foraged Roots

Foraged Roots

Foraged Roots


Linkwater, Marlborough Sounds
Pasteurised Cows Milk

This washed rind cheese is subtle but with well balanced pungency. Washed in Foraged Roots Gin every other day for 2 weeks this delectable cheese takes french ideas and puts them in a NZ context. It has a lovely meaty aroma with supple velvety texture in the mouth that tastes like a rich cheese sauce when held in the mouth.This cheese is an awesome addition to a cheese boardor you can go a bit fancier and slightly melt over pasta, vegetables or serve with a glass of Sauvignon. 

Made by Simon & Hellene Lamb at the base of the Kenepuru Sound.

Washed rind are cheeses which are periodically treated with brine. This encourages the growth of certain bacteria on their surface which give them distinctive flavours.

Unit size around 140g